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Pixel Parour Arcade Pacman

The Golden age of gaming

In a time before gaming consoles, the Arcade was king.  In a different time, for kids, and adults alike “gaming” had a much different landscape. With home consoles still in their infancy and very few people having them, it was the Arcades that provided gaming to the masses. With their pockets loaded with coins, out to the local arcade parlour it was!  Or pizza shops, convenience stores, or where ever else you can find the easily accessible, easy to play and highly competitive games.
Today we are giving you access to the golden age of video games, the way it was played at the time.  We want you to relive those golden moments, experience the nostalgia today.

Uncompromising quality

Pixel Parlour Arcade machines are constructed to the highest quality. All cabinets are constructed with the use of CNC machining, and high-quality components throughout. They are built not only to be reliable, but also played hard.


Melbourne Based Showroom


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12 Month Australian Warranty

Tech Support

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